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Liaoyang Hongtu Company was founded in 1971. It has set up four branches.

Liaoyang Hongtu Carbide Co., Ltd.

Liaoyang Hongtu Carbon products Co., Ltd.

Liaoyang Hongtu Molybdenum products Co., Ltd.

Liaoyang Hongtu Furnace Co., Ltd.

Hongtu Company produces six categories of products: Silicon Carbide heating element, Silicon Molybdenum rods, Graphite products, Silicon Nitride products, Metallurgical Furnace charge, and Industrial Furnace.

Hongtu company is a national high-tech enterprises, the products are widely used in Aluminum Industry, Glass Industry, Precision Casting, Special Ceramics, Textile Industry and other fields. Hongtu is ranked in the forefront in production, production, sales, exports, profits and other aspects.


CNC machining center

Hongtu Company offers all kinds of graphite products. We have got the professional CNC machining center for your product manufacturing needs.


Our precision machining workshop services with faster product turn around and precise product specifications, and all at competitive pricing.


Over the past several years, in observance of management objectives--"owning products that others do not have; making products more comprehensive if others also have them; ensuring higher product quality if others’ are also comprehensive; ensuring affordability if others’ are also high in quality"--and the management principle of "seeking development relying on credibility."

we have offered successively higher-quality products and considerate services to such famous enterprises as Aluminum Corporation of China, East Hope Group, Weiqiao Aluminum Electricity, and Shenhuo International Trade. In the process, we've won a great reputation and built extensive public awareness.

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Corporate culture

1. Putting customers and quality first
2. Working in a down-to-earth way in order to offer considerate services
3. Implementing scale operation, conducting market management and implementing talent-based strategy


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