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Calcined coke

Product Description


2.Graphite Powder,Carbon Additive

3..Fixed Carbon Content: 98%-98.5% 

4.Sulphur Content : <0.5%, < 2%,  2%-4% ,  >4% 


Petroleum coke can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, projectile coke and coke breeze.

According to the content of sulphur, petroleum coke can be devide into high sulphur petroleum coke(S≥3%) and low sulphur petroleum coke(S <3%).

  • High quality low sulphur petroleum coke (S≤0.5%) is used to produce  graphite electrode and carbon additive.  
  • Low sulphur petroleum coke (S<1.5%) is used to produce prebaked anode.
  • High sulphur petroleum coke can be used as fuels for cement plants and power plants

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