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Graphite pallet

Graphite Plates are widely used in the Glass & Jewellery, and Heating & Furnace industries. Graphite plates are often used for fuel cells, electrolysis, electroplating, and other various mechanical applications where friction, heat, or electrical properties are factors. They are tough and can withstand repeated wear and tear, apart from being good conductors of heat and electricity.


Producing progress:

Raw material->Medium crushing/milling->Screening->dosing->kneading->vibrated molding->impregnation->baking->graphitization


Performance advantage:

1. High density and high temperature resistance

2. High mechanical strength

3. Oxidization retardent treatment availible

4. Long service life

5. Machined as your design

6.corrosion resistance

7.good thermal shock resistance ,

8.good electric and thermal conductivity



1.Isostatic pressing graphite plates/slabs/board/sheet

2.High pure graphite plates/slabs/board/sheet

3.0.8mm/2mm/4mm/8mm graphite plates/slabs/board/sheet


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