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Graphite rotor

Graphite rotor is made of high purity graphite, its surface with a special anti-oxidation treatment, service life is 3 times of common products. Graphite rotor is widely used to degassing in aluminum and aluminum alloy casting industry.


1. Reduce processing costs.

2. Reducing the consumption of inert gas.

3. Reduce the aluminum content in slag.

4. Reduce labor costs.

5. Improve the performance, long replacement cycle.

6. Improve the reliability, reduce maintenance costs.


Working principle

Transmission system drives the graphite rotor rotation, High-speed rotating graphite rotor will be blown into the molten aluminum nitrogen (or argon) broken into a large number of bubbles, and dispersed in the molten aluminum, to absorb the hydrogen and adsorption oxide slag, and with the bubbles rise, be brought up to surface of molten aluminum, so that the melt will be purified.



100% high pure molded graphite.



Graphite column: Dia.50-200mm, Length 500-1500mm.

Graphite rotor: Dia.70-400mm, Height50-200mm.

We can also custom machined according to the customer's requirement and drawing.


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