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H type silicon carbide heating element, SiC rods

The brand of "Liaota" silicon carbide heating element is made of Hongtu manufacturer. The element is made with unique formula and advanced production technology. With the small resistance of the cold end is very small, the red uniform of hot end, good oxidation resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, thermal expansion coefficient, good creep resistance, radiation ability, fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, easy installation and maintenance characteristics, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical, semiconductor, ceramics, glass, food and textile industry etc..

H-type silicon carbide heating element / SiC rod

The Resistance value of silicon carbide largely affected by temperature. Between 0-850℃, the resistance temperature is negative, above 850℃ present positive value. The resistance is measured at the temperature of 1050℃±50℃.

Characterisitic curve of the temperature resistance. With the increase of the temperature, it shows a nonlinear variation.

Mode of connection: Triangle (△) connection; star (Y) connection; Series connection; Parallel connection; Parallel series; String association. 

We can supply special heating elements, customized to suit non-standard bath designs, or for special float applications.


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