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High purity graphite mould

Hongtu supplies all kinds of Graphite mould with various sizes,  customized products are available depending on your pictures and drawings,  we will provide the most suitable graphite material for you, please contact us for more details. 


We will choose the most suitable graphite materials to meet your purpose, Hongtu graphite mould has the advantages as follows: 

1. High density and high mechanical strength  

2. Strong Thermal Stability. It is possible to be used even at 3000°C in inert atmosphere or more. 

3. Low Expansion Ratio. Low Thermal expansion ratio will ensure dimensional stable, even rapid change in high temperature. 

4. Excellent Chemical Resistance. Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature. Resistance to acid, alkali, and organic solvents. 

5. Excellent Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Conductivity. With strong thermal resistance, which means graphite is the ideal material for certain applications like heating element.

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