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Right Angle type silicon molybdenum rods for Furnace

Main features: 

1. The leading products of the Silicon Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element , Type 1700grade and 1800grade elements are high-tech products researched and developed by experts from China and abroad.

2. MoSi2 heating element can quickly form a thin and adhesive anti-oxidizing layer of quartz glass (SiO2), under the high temperature oxidizing condition. If the protective layer was damaged, the element can reform a new one, so MoSi2 heating elements have a very good anti-oxidation properties, it also means that the heating element can be used on operation for a much longer time than the traditional one.

3. The resistivity of the Mosi2 heating element is not changing with the time, so a new one can be installed without effecting the old one. This can result of the huge saving in furnace maintenance fee sand time as well, increase the working efficiency. This is the key point of Mosi2 heating element being a better material and being widely used.


1. Shorter process time

2. Lower power needed

3. No contamination from dust: No convection needed

4. High safety: no spark, no naked fire, highly insulated, the radiation of the harmony heater is not harmful to human bodies

5. Low cost with long service life and high efficiency

6. Easy installation

7. Fast heat exchange rate

8. Quick temperature raising rate

9. Longer transfer of heat radiation



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