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The thick end of silicon carbide heater, tip stick

Sic electric heating elements also called as Silicon Carbide rod that made of top-quality silicon carbide. Technology, as main features, silicon carbide rod has a higher working temperature and chemical stability and thus a longer life. In addition to easy installation, it needs less maintenance and gets less deformed under high temperatures. 

1450℃ SiC heating element/ SiC heater /Silicon Carbide Heating Rods is made of top quality green silicon carbide which is characterized by high-applied temperature, anti-oxidization, anti-corrosion , long service life, little deformation and easy installation & maintenance.


I-type silicon carbide heater


Features of SiC electric heating elements

* work at temperature up to 1450c

* 2500 hours continuous using

* varies of dia 8-70mm


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