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U type silicon molybdenum rods, MoSi2 rods

MoSi2 heating element is a comprehensive production technology in domestic and abroad. The utility model is a high temperature electric heating element which is made of two molybdenum silicide, the utility model is matched with the heating mode, and the maximum temperature is up to 1850℃.

MoSi2 heating element are widely used in metallurgy, glass, electronics, ceramics, magnetic materials, refractories and other industries. According to the shape can be divided into I type, U type, W type, can also be made according to customer needs, right angle, bending angle and other special-shaped products.

The components are both hard and brittle at high temperature, and the flexural strength is low. The element is softer heating to 1350℃, can be bent into a desired shape at high temperature.

MoSi2 heating element at room temperature is brittleness, high temperature and plasticity, so the product is generally made of U vertical suspension installation. According to the need and the heating module complete collocation, can also use other installation method. When the installation of the part of the cone must be extended to the furnace, the cold end of the fixture can not be screwed too tight at the beginning time, to be elevated to the high temperature when the screw again, because when the component is not easy to break a certain plastic. In order to prevent the vertical component and the bottom contact, the distance between the component and the bottom should not be less than 25mm.

The thermal insulation performance of electric furnace roof must be better, and the temperature of the furnace top should not exceed 300 centigrade. In order to prevent the chuck from overheating, the contact voltage between the clamping wire and the component should be less than 0.1V, and the distance between the lower end of the chuck and the stopper should not be less than 50mm. In order to avoid damage to chuck, general 6/12mm components can be used for long time under 170A, the 9/18mm element can be used for long time under 300A.

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